Shally’s body painting during the waning daylight

Bodypainting of Shally
Location of Shoot:
Cypress Cove Resort, Kissimmee (Orlando area), Florida
Shally was bodypainted in front of an audience

Background on This Bodypainting
I met Shally during one of the regional ‘Burning Man’ gatherings in Lakeland, Florida – called ‘AfterBurn’. Over the past four years, my bodypainting at this event has become fairly well known. I was setting up after arriving late in the evening and Shally walked up and immediately engaged in conversation. She was originally born in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida when she was five. So she speaks English perfectly, but also retains a slight accent that is delightful to the ears. Shally possesses a delicate voice that produces a smile on anyone she engages with. Although naturally shy and introspective, Shally became a favorite of the entire camp. Her first ‘AfterBurn’ bodypainting unfolded in front of scores of appreciative attenders. Subsequently, we committed to finding another venue in Central Florida where we could again collaborate with cutting edge body art. That opportunity recently happened with a performance art invitation at Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. I painted Shally with the detailed pattern you see here. The work actually has two personalities: one during the day, and a “glow-in-the-dark” version visible only at night under ultraviolet black light. If live performances are what you want, Shally is available as one of my bodypainting models in the Central Florida region (serving greater Orlando, Tampa Bay, and the Space Coast of Brevard County).

Shally’s same bodypainting at night under ultraviolet black light

For more information about my bodypainting and photographic services, please see below for details. Create your own event with Body Painting by Flick’s performance art. To contact Carl Flick, go the BPBF web site:, or phone: 561-707-0747. E-mailing is possible by going to:, and then moving your computer’s mouse to “click here”. The web site will send your message.

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The third Saturday of March falls on or near the Spring equinox and is the designated annual date for Artful Day. The brainchild of T.A. Wyner of Sunnier Palms, Artful Day is a meeting of South Florida artists and supporters who positively depict the human form through their art. img_3566reduced_modest_logoThe gatherings typically have artists painting or drawing life (figure) models, observing a body painting demonstration, learning about live body plaster castings, and participating in photography of the nude. The nude in art is the celebrated theme and plenty of past examples are on display. At the end of the day, the event culminates with a review of the created artworks during a late afternoon tea party.

Artful Day host and organizer T.A. Wyner has been a tireless activist for naturist rights, nude beach rights, and body acceptance issues since the 1980s. She is the one who made international news in 1989 through her protest and arrest at MacArthur Beach State Park (located near West Palm Beach). MacArthur Beach was original known as Air Force Beach and was owned by philanthropist and millionaire John D. MacArthur. MacArthur himself used to sunbathe without clothes on Air Force Beach and allowed 1000 – 5000 other naturists to join him in what had become the largest nude beach in the southeast United States. All of that came to an end when MacArthur died in 1981. Although his will gave Air Force Beach to the State of Florida and Palm Beach County as a park, his specific instructions that the park accommodate the traditional nude beach use was ignored by authorities. The subsequent and repeated arrests of peaceful unclad beachgoers eradicated the naturist user group from the park. To this day MacArthur Beach has yet to recover and attract a large number of visitors again.

During T.A. Wyner’s 1989 arrest, she was protesting the crackdown on naturists and was advocating for the reestablishment of Air Force Beach’s nude beach. She chose to do this by expressing her art through drawings and messages on her her unclad body. The suppression of expression and of art is expressly prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. Many years of court cases have given T.A. a number of victories and since then, there have been annual, permitted one-day nude protests at MacArthur Beach. Nonetheless, the issue of beach nudity at MacArthur remains largely unresolved. Today a small group of naturists have started re-using the northern part of the park again, although they are cautious and will briefly cover up when rangers patrol the beach.

T.A. Wyner’s victory in many court cases involving freedom of expression and the human body led to the creation of Artful Day. Held at Sunnier Palms Nudist Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Florida, Artful Day is an annual spring rite of reaffirming the normalcy of the human body and its depiction through art. Among the participating invitees are St. Lucie County Commissioners, the County Sheriff, and members of the local chamber of commerce, all of which have been educated about the goals of Artful Day and fully support the right of Sunnier Palms to exist and thrive.

Sunnier Palms is an “intentional community”, a more modern term that was originally known as a commune. The shareholders are residents who pool their efforts to govern themselves, farm part of the land, and also manage the adjacent naturist campground. Sunnier Palms has a common area with a clubhouse, pool, hot tub, public restrooms, showers, a common kitchen and an eating area for frequent community pot lucks. Outlying sections contain a large camping area for day and weekend visitors, a productive victory garden, and a 12 acre forest which is deed restricted as a conservation area. The preserve will always remain a pine forest with an excellent network of hiking trails and a number of interpretive signs pointing out native vegetation. For further information on Sunnier Palms (located at: 8800 Okeechobee Road, Fort Pierce, FL 34945), visit their web site:, or contact them directly by phone: 772-468-8512.

Carl Flick of Body Painted by Flick (BPBF) has been one of the invitees for a number of years. Each Artful Day at Sunnier Palms, BPBF has carried out performance art by body painting a subject for all to watch. Most participants find the process of body painting fascinating and enjoy seeing the creation of art on a unique and living canvas. Upon completion the finished body painting makes a great subject for participating photographers. During the tea party, attending artists and friends delight in the sharing of their newly made artwork.

It’s possible that your event can benefit from Body Painting by Flick’s performance art. To contact Carl Flick, go the BPBF web site:, or phone: 561-844-2223. E-mailing is possible by going go to: and then moving your computer’s mouse to “click here”. The web site will send your message.

You’re in Ft. Lauderdale and you want to hire a body painter. Or, you are somewhere in surrounding Broward County and you want to view body painting as performance art. What do you do?

You have at least a couple of choices.img_4033modest3_reduced_logo

Choice One:
Go to an establishment that features body painting. In Ft. Lauderdale, you can head downtown to the Art Bar, located near the waterfront. The spot is open late nights on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Beginning around 10:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, the Art Bar may sporadically have a body painter for patrons. The place principally caters to the drinking and dancing crowd, but may add this twist to attract the younger set. They don’t appear to compensate their body painters well, so sometimes they have a little difficulty hanging on to talented artists. Consequently, it can be hit or miss obtaining a quality body painting experience. Another option is to frequent the Living Room Nightclub on SW 1st Avenue in downtown, Fort Lauderdale. Again, its market is the younger set and is open late. Similar to the Art Bar, the painters may not be compensated well. So talented artists may be difficult to retain. A satisfactory bodypainting may or may not occur as a result.

Choice Two:
If you are seeking a reliable, talented, and creative body painter for your event, contact Body Painting by Flick (BPBF). Their web site provides many examples of styles, and you can request both air brush or hand painting options. Just go to: . To contact BPBF directly by phone, call: 561-844-2223. If you wish to send them an e-mail inquiry, go to: and press your mouse on “click here”. You’ll send an e-mail via the web site and you will get a quick response.

BPBF caters to all of South Florida. This includes: Miami-Dade County, Broward County (greater Ft. Lauderdale), Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter), Martin County (Stuart), St. Lucie County (Port St. Lucie and Ft. Pierce), Indian River County (Vero Beach), and Okeechobee County (north of Lake Okeechobee).

As an added feature, BPBF has a cadre of beautiful models who serve as body painting “Performance Art”. These eye-catching, living canvases can be body painted in front of any gathering as the centerpiece of entertainment. Their finished body paintings allow BPBF’s models to become avante garde greeters, unique wine serves at gallery openings, and the most intriguing accents for exclusive events. Whatever you are planning, it can be made unforgettable by including BPBF’s artistic, one-of-a-kind approach.

BPBF also offers professional photography through Flick Photographic. If desired, you may capture your body painting experience with stunning professional photographs. Flick Photographic’s web site provides more information.

fantasyfest001_60pc_revised2Key West’s “Fantasy Fest” has evolved into a large, uninhibited festival that celebrates American sexuality. Held in October on the week preceding Halloween, the 7-10 day event is centered on Key’s West traditional main commercial avenue: Duval Street. People come from as far away as Europe, South America, and Canada to participate in an exhibitionistic gala of lingerie, high heels, body paint, and even open displays of nudity and sensuality.

Body painting has become one of the central attractions of Fantasy Fest. Beginning around 11:00 a.m. each morning, visitors line up or make reservations at the handful of exclusive body painting stations located along Duval Street. They bring with them an idea of how they want to be portrayed. Whether it’s painted lingerie, becoming a lioness, provocatively adorned in vines, or following more traditional Halloween themes, tourists want the opportunity to experience being unclad (and socially accepted) as they stroll down Key West’s downtown public sidewalks. Others are there to take it all in with their spouses and cameras in hand. In Key West, the voyeur and exhibitionist nourish each other. With one’s face painted, anyone can assume a wholly anonymous or hidden identity. So being photographed by strangers becomes part of the fun. It’s a unique opportunity to display your physical self without any negative repercussions from friends, family, or fellow churchgoers back in Peoria.

Over a decade ago, some conservative citizens of Key West lobbied the city council to put an end to nudity during Fantasy Fest. Police were instructed to arrest individuals who openly displayed breasts or genitalia. The crackdown predictably dampened visitor interest. On the following year, Fantasy Fest was a bust. Few tourists bothered to fly in for the week or book rooms. Consequently, the business community stormed city hall and demanded that this Victorian approach be rescinded and asked that public nudity downtown be tolerated during the festival. With restriction lifted, thousands of out-of-towners returned the following autumn.

During the most recent Fantasy Fest, Carl Flick of Body Painting by Flick (BPBF) was there (with 20-25 other bodypainters) to adorn tourists. A special service offered by BPBF was carrying out body paintings in the privacy of hotel rooms. Each morning BPBF had a crew member bicycle Duval and Whitehead Streets with a large sign in tow: “Mobile Body Painter For Hire – We Come to You. Phone: 561-844-2223.” Many people who run large businesses, or have become corporate or civic leaders, or who have attained a certain celebrity, quietly noted the phone number and subsequently hired BPBF to paint them in private. Away from the glare and cameras of unknown strangers on Duval Street, the subjects were able to relax and enjoy the process.

BPBF’s equipment is designed to be totally portable. A bicycle with small cart attached carries all of the necessary supplies, including: air brush guns, compressor, paint brushes, paints of all colors, and even a CO2 tank to power the air guns when electricity is not an option. BPBF typically sets up in 5-10 minutes and is ready to paint. For the corporate executive or celebrity being body painted (and face painted for anonymity), that means less time spent in the creation stage and more time strolling and showing off the results without fear of personal discovery.

One typical complaint by Key West paintees is that the body paint may not last more than 3-5 hours. It tends to flake off as one sweats, moves, and abrades the surface. This will largely not happen with body paintings completed by BPBF. BPBF uses water-based non-toxic (safe for skin) paints with a special, safe (even edible) additive bond that further adheres the paint to the skin. No other body painter has it. The result is a shinier surface, an additional 15-20 minutes drying time, and a durable body painting that will last in excess of 24 hours. With care, you can sleep in it without pulling the paint off. But when you want the painting removed, it showers off in five minutes.

To contact Body Painting by Flick and make your reservation in advance for this coming year’s Fantasy Fest in Key West, either phone: 561-844-2223, or go to BPBF’s web page: Once there, you may click on “Contact Us” and send an e-mail directly from the web site.

Body painting front is the flag of Puerto Rico, with glitter on arms and shoulders

Body painting front is the flag of Puerto Rico, with glitter on arms and shoulders

Calle Ocho (Spanish for Eighth Street) is the central axis of Miami’s Little Havana community. Located just west of Miami’s downtown, Little Havana is a haven for the many Cubans who left their homeland to escape the tyranny of Castro’s dictatorial click. Now their children and many other Latinos from the Caribbean basin call Miami home. These include the vibrant and emerging √©migr√© communities from Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

On Sunday, March 15, 2009, Little Havana was host to over 50,000 visitors taking in the music, food, art, and dancing of Calle Ocho 2009. Several stages provided venues for a variety of Latin music, including Miami’s talented Salsa bands. As visitors strolled through the sprawling festival site, they encountered stage after stage of musical artists.

On one of those stages, you could see the results of body painting in South Florida. Accompanying this article is a photograph of one of the participants who danced on stage. You’ll see her front is the flag of Puerto Rico. To ensure that the tolerant atmosphere was not tested too much, her nipples were covered with an adhesive tape and paint was then applied on top. The result is a seamless look that fools the eye. Many people encountering our subject would be surprised to learn that she is clad only in body paint from the waste up.

Body Painting by Flick uses non-toxic paints that are compatible with the human skin. Further, BPBF has a unique additive (that’s safe and can even be eaten) that provides a temporary and advanced bonding of the paint to the skin. No other bodypainter offers this. The result is a shinier finish without any flaking of the paint. This particular paint is water-based and will wash off without delay in the shower, revealing smooth, healthy skin.

One last point. The paint applied by BPBF will last for more than 24 hours. In fact our subject reported that she elected to keep her last body painting for three days. She carefully washed daily around the art work. This allowed her to maximize her body painting and attend a steady stream of parties and events where she became the center of attention. At the end of her three painted days in January, she jumped into the shower and removed the paint immediately.

If you are seeking to be body painted or have an event requiring body painting performance art, you may contact Carl Flick of Body Painting by Flick at 561-844-2223. Visit BPBF’s web site at: .

p1010030_a_reduced_logoWhere can someone see body painting as “performance art” in South Florida? If you live in or visit Palm Beach County, you’re in luck. About once per month, Body Painting by Flick brings one of its beautiful models to the Cruzan Rum Bar (address: 11511 Ellison Wilson Road, North Palm Beach, Florida 33410). Located next to Panama Hatties Restaurant (on the east side of the Intracoastal Waterway), this night spot is immediately south of the PGA Boulevard bridge. The Cruzan Rum Bar provides its “parrot head” patrons with a laid back Key West atmosphere. Once you park and enter the secluded Rum Bar compound, you’ll see that the place is essentially a sandy beach with a series of outdoor tiki bars and sitting areas throughout. You can watch the intracoastal boats ply the waterway, listen to the tropical tunes, and imagine that you are farther south in the Florida Keys or in the Caribbean.

It’s Thursday nights that you’ll need to mark your calendar. Thursdays (7:30 – 10;00 p.m.) are reserved specifically for the Cruzan Rum Bar’s Drum Circles (and the accompanying body painting demonstrations). Bring your own percussion instrument and join in. You’ll see belly dancers dancing around the large bon fire as the drummers work up to a fevered pitch.

Just off to the side, Carl Flick of Body Painting by Flick (BPBF) will be painting his latest creation. His beautiful assistants begin the process clad in very little. First a base coat of white paint is normally sprayed on so that the following colors pop with intensity. Attenders often enjoy watching the entire process and admiring the beauty of Carl’s models. Volunteers are sometimes accommodated too. Depending on the complexity of the body painting, each work normally takes between 1-2 hours. From the observer’s point of view, it’s fascinating to watch the painting unfold.

Body Painting by Flick and Flick Photographic are available for your event. Whether it’s a private bodypainting, a unique party, a gallery opening, or an avante garde corporate function, BPBF will make your get-together memorable. (This is an understatement.) BPBF’s web site is located at: You can also contact BPBF directly by phoning: 561-844-2223.

Cruzan Rum Bar Summary:
– Price Range: $5
– Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
– Parking: Private Lot
– Good for Groups: Yes
– Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
– Outdoor Seating: Yes
– Music: Juke Box, Thursday night – Drum Circle
– Bodypainting demonstrations: One Thursday per month
– Alcohol: Full Bar
– Smoking: Yes

Map to the Cruzan Rum Bar

Map to the Cruzan Rum Bar

Map of Haulover Beach

Map of Haulover Beach

img_6546_reduced_logoDid you know that the north end of Haulover Beach County Park (in Sunny Isles) is reserved for clothing optional or naturist use? Since its inception in 1991, the nude beach has attracted the brightest amd most creative from the entire 5 million person region of South Florida. Lifeguards guarantee that swimming remains safe and regular police patrols ensure that the crowd is genuine and appropriate.

In the early days of the 1990s, one had to park almost a quarter mile away. But when the Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation Department assessed the needs of thousands of new visitors (solely coming for the naturist beach) they constructed an entirely new parking lot on the northern extreme of the park. Cost of parking is $5.00 for the day. Once you leave your car, a boardwalk and tunnel under congested Collins Avenue (A1A) leads first to a new bathroom and shower facility and then on to the clothing optional beach. Signs warn the unknowing of the nude beach ahead, but most locals are indeed aware and tolerant. This is Miami.

People follow an established beach etiquette at Haulover, as with any other nude beach. Essentially, what is appropriate at “textile beaches” is appropriate here. Nothing more, nothing less. The beach can be a sensual experience, but not a sexual one. If those boundaries are broken, the police are there to arrest. In Florida, mere nudity does not constitute “indecent exposure”. Rather, State Statute 800.03 dictates that both nudity and a state of sexual arrousal must be evident for an arrest. Still, law enforcement officers also have State Statute 877.03 for disorderly conduct as an essential “catch all” when encarceration is necessary and the infraction is less clear.

The attached map provides an overview of Haulover Beach County Park. To view a larger version, go to:

Body painting at Haulover Beach, Miami

Body painting at Haulover Beach, Miami

If you were in the right place during the Feb. 21-22, 2009 weekend, you’d find yourself at the designated clothing optional (nude) section of Haulover Beach County Park in the Sunny Isles area of Miami, Florida. Haulover has been set aside for naturist [pronounced “nay-chur-ist”] use since 1991. On weekends, the lifeguards oversee about 1000-3000 beach goers.

During the Feb. 21-22, 2009 weekend, The Beaches Foundation sponsored an event with many vendors entitled “Love the Skin You’re In”. Among the many participants was artist and professional commercial photographer Carl Flick. He is the founder of both Body Painting by Flick and Flick Photographic.

To view more eye catching examples of bodypaintings and resulting images, visit his web site: . If you want to contact Carl, go to:

Body Painting by Flick was featured at Key West, Florida’s Fantasy Fest in October 2008. Also, local party planners use BPBF services for events, festivals, and exclusive parties. Carl has a cadre of beautiful models ready to serve as “performance art”. Clients typically use them for wine servers at gallery openings or highly entertaining centerpieces where attendees get to witness the exciting process of bodypaining. Contact Carl for more information at 561-844-2223.