Posted by: caflick | March 17, 2009

A User’s Guide to Haulover’s Nude Beach, Sunny Isles (North Miami), Florida

Map of Haulover Beach

Map of Haulover Beach

img_6546_reduced_logoDid you know that the north end of Haulover Beach County Park (in Sunny Isles) is reserved for clothing optional or naturist use? Since its inception in 1991, the nude beach has attracted the brightest amd most creative from the entire 5 million person region of South Florida. Lifeguards guarantee that swimming remains safe and regular police patrols ensure that the crowd is genuine and appropriate.

In the early days of the 1990s, one had to park almost a quarter mile away. But when the Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation Department assessed the needs of thousands of new visitors (solely coming for the naturist beach) they constructed an entirely new parking lot on the northern extreme of the park. Cost of parking is $5.00 for the day. Once you leave your car, a boardwalk and tunnel under congested Collins Avenue (A1A) leads first to a new bathroom and shower facility and then on to the clothing optional beach. Signs warn the unknowing of the nude beach ahead, but most locals are indeed aware and tolerant. This is Miami.

People follow an established beach etiquette at Haulover, as with any other nude beach. Essentially, what is appropriate at “textile beaches” is appropriate here. Nothing more, nothing less. The beach can be a sensual experience, but not a sexual one. If those boundaries are broken, the police are there to arrest. In Florida, mere nudity does not constitute “indecent exposure”. Rather, State Statute 800.03 dictates that both nudity and a state of sexual arrousal must be evident for an arrest. Still, law enforcement officers also have State Statute 877.03 for disorderly conduct as an essential “catch all” when encarceration is necessary and the infraction is less clear.

The attached map provides an overview of Haulover Beach County Park. To view a larger version, go to:

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