Posted by: caflick | August 23, 2012

Orlando Area Body Painting – Cypress Cove Resort, Kissimeee, Florida Thursday, August 23, 2012 1:57:40 AM

Shally’s body painting during the waning daylight

Bodypainting of Shally
Location of Shoot:
Cypress Cove Resort, Kissimmee (Orlando area), Florida
Shally was bodypainted in front of an audience

Background on This Bodypainting
I met Shally during one of the regional ‘Burning Man’ gatherings in Lakeland, Florida – called ‘AfterBurn’. Over the past four years, my bodypainting at this event has become fairly well known. I was setting up after arriving late in the evening and Shally walked up and immediately engaged in conversation. She was originally born in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida when she was five. So she speaks English perfectly, but also retains a slight accent that is delightful to the ears. Shally possesses a delicate voice that produces a smile on anyone she engages with. Although naturally shy and introspective, Shally became a favorite of the entire camp. Her first ‘AfterBurn’ bodypainting unfolded in front of scores of appreciative attenders. Subsequently, we committed to finding another venue in Central Florida where we could again collaborate with cutting edge body art. That opportunity recently happened with a performance art invitation at Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. I painted Shally with the detailed pattern you see here. The work actually has two personalities: one during the day, and a “glow-in-the-dark” version visible only at night under ultraviolet black light. If live performances are what you want, Shally is available as one of my bodypainting models in the Central Florida region (serving greater Orlando, Tampa Bay, and the Space Coast of Brevard County).

Shally’s same bodypainting at night under ultraviolet black light

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