Palm Beach County Body Painting is Alive and Well

Bodypainting of Suzanne & Christy
Location of Shoot: Sunsport Gardens, Loxahatchee, Florida
Theme: The checkered auto racing flag at the finish line

Background on This Bodypainting
Dark haired Suzanne is a professional model and student who contacted me for both my bodypainting and photographic services. Suzanne has an interesting combination of dual Chinese and European heritage. Her varied ancestry not only contributes to her stunning beauty, but also gives her an exotic look. When discussing the shoot parameters, Suzanne asked if she could bring her best friend Christy along to observe. Yes, of course. As a blonde, Christy turned out to be the epitome of the ‘girl next door’. She has great eyes and a captivating smile that the camera loves. After we arrived at the shoot location, and began to set up, I asked if Christy had any interest joining in. She could pose separately as well as along side her good friend. The attached photograph of both Suzanne and Christy together – reveals her enthusiastic answer. The shoot lasted three hours as both Suzanne and Christy savored the attention. It goes without saying, best friends typically want to be involved when it comes to creating body art. For more information about my bodypainting and photographic services, please see below for details.

It’s possible that your event can benefit from Body Painting by Flick’s performance art. To contact Carl Flick, go the BPBF web site:, or phone: 561-707-0747. E-mailing is possible by going to:, and then moving your computer’s mouse to “click here”. The web site will send your message.

Carl A. Flick
Flick Photographic
Body Painting by Flick
P. O. Box 432
West Palm Beach, Florida 33402, USA

Phone: 561-707-0747
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