Posted by: caflick | March 19, 2009

Opportunities for Body Painting in Ft. Lauderdale and Broward County, Florida

You’re in Ft. Lauderdale and you want to hire a body painter. Or, you are somewhere in surrounding Broward County and you want to view body painting as performance art. What do you do?

You have at least a couple of choices.img_4033modest3_reduced_logo

Choice One:
Go to an establishment that features body painting. In Ft. Lauderdale, you can head downtown to the Art Bar, located near the waterfront. The spot is open late nights on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Beginning around 10:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, the Art Bar may sporadically have a body painter for patrons. The place principally caters to the drinking and dancing crowd, but may add this twist to attract the younger set. They don’t appear to compensate their body painters well, so sometimes they have a little difficulty hanging on to talented artists. Consequently, it can be hit or miss obtaining a quality body painting experience. Another option is to frequent the Living Room Nightclub on SW 1st Avenue in downtown, Fort Lauderdale. Again, its market is the younger set and is open late. Similar to the Art Bar, the painters may not be compensated well. So talented artists may be difficult to retain. A satisfactory bodypainting may or may not occur as a result.

Choice Two:
If you are seeking a reliable, talented, and creative body painter for your event, contact Body Painting by Flick (BPBF). Their web site provides many examples of styles, and you can request both air brush or hand painting options. Just go to: . To contact BPBF directly by phone, call: 561-844-2223. If you wish to send them an e-mail inquiry, go to: and press your mouse on “click here”. You’ll send an e-mail via the web site and you will get a quick response.

BPBF caters to all of South Florida. This includes: Miami-Dade County, Broward County (greater Ft. Lauderdale), Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter), Martin County (Stuart), St. Lucie County (Port St. Lucie and Ft. Pierce), Indian River County (Vero Beach), and Okeechobee County (north of Lake Okeechobee).

As an added feature, BPBF has a cadre of beautiful models who serve as body painting “Performance Art”. These eye-catching, living canvases can be body painted in front of any gathering as the centerpiece of entertainment. Their finished body paintings allow BPBF’s models to become avante garde greeters, unique wine serves at gallery openings, and the most intriguing accents for exclusive events. Whatever you are planning, it can be made unforgettable by including BPBF’s artistic, one-of-a-kind approach.

BPBF also offers professional photography through Flick Photographic. If desired, you may capture your body painting experience with stunning professional photographs. Flick Photographic’s web site provides more information.

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